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Saniber S.L. timed taps 

SANIBER TIMED TAPS, S.L. is a familiar company which has especialized manufacturing timed taps and especial taps for collectives like hostelry, sport instalations, slaughterhouses, etc. And in general lines, every instalallation that needs a continued hygien of the plant, the services or manipulations.

The story of SANIBER TIMED TAPS, S.L. goes back to the beginning of the fourties, when a plumber called Eusebio Ribero Arana, incited by the needs of his customers for the public W.C. rooms cleaning, invented and patented the first cleaning valve for public W.C. rooms, which was automatic and timed. It had no other internal mechanism. Was total craftmanship, carried out in brass sheet and welded by hand. He brought up to the market the intermitent automatic valve.

He created the company with this new and revolutionary product. Since the manufacture of the actual automatic and intermitent modern valve, going through the timed taps and until the modern electronic faucets, electricals or by battery. Three generations after and with the name of SANIBER TIMED TAPS, S.L. follows the spirit of finding out the solutions for the cleaning needs of public W.C. rooms and collectives.

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The maxim pattern of quality is established for all the manufactured taps and articles, paying especial attention to the water economy, such an estimated and scarced good.

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